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We are an Outreach of Countdown Ministries

 Countdown Ministries is reaching around the World with our Outreaches.


 The Place  is an awakening for the Nations, where multitudes from around the world can gather to pursue the one and true living God and develop a relationship with His son Jesus Christ. 


We are Commissioned to go into all the world. We are simple called

The Place

 About Us



The Place -Our intent is to summon the hungry from among the nations to a reality and real relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping them to be faithful followers and obedient servants of our King, sending them out to Expand the Kingdom of God....

The Place not only has a global assignment, a mandate from God to Expand the Kingdom and commissioned to use whatever tools available, it has an assignment to deal with and help the locals by helping to establish local outreaches, such as assisting with the establishment of Clubs, and Gatherings for the radically saved who want to do more than warm a pew in a church... We hope to jolt people out of a place of death and complacency to bring them into the reality of God, to equip them to be divine carriers of revival and awakening to the World.   The Place is not limited to those destined to "Full-Time" Ministry; It is for anyone who longs to be a catalyst for the move of God, for those who want to see Jesus  become a reality in peoples lives.

     Our Mission is - "To awaken the World of spiritually dead and religiously complacent, calling them to come and dine while discovering their purpose and growing towards their corporate responsibilities as a stimulating, challenging, and confrontational Army of offensive radical believers determined to impact and challenge their world by expanding the Kingdom of God. Subduing the enemy and possessing the land."

     We trust this is "The Place" for you!

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 This site will be progressive in the since that it will be  updated regularly and new programs will be added in order to reach more with the "Good News" We need your Help! Will you consider joining with us...

Even if you belong to a Church you can join to help us without taking you away from your home Church....

                                 Bruce Greene

The World Awaits...

Joining Forces to Expand The Kingdom of God

   Together we can do things we never thought possible